Sustainable Powder Coating: 5 Tips

Sustainable powder coating: 5 tips for coating operators

Powder coating is sustainable. This statement is largely based on the composition and production process of the powder coatings themselves - but coaters can also do something for the environment!

This article gives you five tips with which you can make your coating process more sustainable. The measures will not only have a positive effect on your own ecological footprint, but also on your profitability.

1. Pay attention to low curing temperatures

Reducing the curing temperature not only reduces energy consumption, but also the amount of CO2 emitted can be significantly decreased. To counteract the occurrence of gradients, our low-cure powder coatings are recommended.

2. Use lower coating thickness

A reduced coating thickness has a direct positive impact on the sustainability of the coating process. On the one hand, material consumption is significantly reduced, and on the other hand, the amount of energy required can also be reduced as a result.

But beware: low coating thicknesses can affect the opacity of powder coatings - a problem that can be solved very easily by higher pigmentation.

3. Opt for weathering stability.

Many people know that powder coatings have a higher weathering stability compared to other alternatives. However, this effect can be further exploited by using particularly resistant powder coatings. TIGER offers different powders in categories ranging from durable to hyper durable.  Current systems are based on fluoropolymers. These powder coatings achieved top results in the GSB Florida test over 10 years.   

4. Avoid toxic/environmentally harmful substances

Powder coatings not only avoid solvents and heavy metals of all kinds, they also avoid any other toxic and environmentally harmful substances. This renunciation can potentially cause limitations - for example, in the choice of special color shades.

5. Reduce use of fossil fuels

If infrastructure and costs allow, we advise coaters to use bio-based raw materials. An increased share of renewable energy can also make a significant contribution to the sustainability of one's own operations. This applies not only to the coating plants themselves, but also to the entire production site.

Low cure:


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  • TIGER Drylac ® Series 75

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