March, 22 2022

Powder Coating for Sports and Leisure

With the surface finish, you give your device the final touch - of course, you want to make use of the best selection. For this reason, the color scheme of the models in particular is considered very carefully every year and coordinated with the…

March, 15 2022

My career in the TIGER lab

A lot has happened for Magdalena Zlatunic since she graduated from technical college (HTL): in just a few years at TIGER, she has risen from lab assistant to senior formulator. Today, she talks to us about her career journey and her workspace at…

February, 10 2022

Low-Cure Powders - Energy Efficient Powder Coating

The prices for oil, gas and electricity are currently reaching record levels, putting the discussion around saving energy in a new light: in private households as well as in industry, because low energy consumption offers not only ecological aspects…

September, 07 2021

TIGER know-how for agriculture

Technological progress is also advancing in the agricultural industry. Agricultural machinery that assists with farming and harvesting is becoming increasingly functional and high-quality. TIGER Drylac® powder coatings help our customers maintain the…

August, 13 2021


TIGER takes climate protection very seriously and is making a significant contribution to making our world a greener place.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​