October, 20 2022

CARC Powder Coatings

Recently (February 2022) the United States Army released its first ever climate strategy, signaling a monumental shift in environmental culture at The Pentagon. While budgets have yet to be agreed upon, the established goals are aggressive – plans…

October, 13 2022

Quality Control: Career Opportunities and New Challenges

Marko is an ambitious family father who appreciates the career development opportunities at TIGER. Within a very short time he made the leap from production worker to quality controller. Now the next challenge awaits within the department - with one…

October, 06 2022

TGIC-Free Powder Coatings

Powder coaters have heard a lot of news concerning TGIC over the years. Several years ago, TGIC was placed on the state of California’s Proposition 65 watch list, but no regulations regarding its use exist in California or any other state (yet). This…

September, 29 2022

Powder Coatings for Forklifts

Many forklifts are used in dry, protected environments. Other times, they are exposed to salts or other harsh chemicals made or used in the production process. Fortunately, powder coatings can be used to extend equipment service life and save on…

September, 20 2022

Ultra runner in action for TIGER

Sabine Hochmayr has been with TIGER for a year now. In her free time, the ultra runner competes in races lasting up to 48 hours. The "lone fighter" can also use her mentality as a strength at TIGER. In intralogistics, it is her job to ensure that…

September, 15 2022

The Importance of Global Alignment in the Automotive Industry

We know that the automotive market requires accuracy and precision on a global level. TIGER Drylac has production facilities and R&D centers in North America, Europe and China. This allows us to internationally transfer products and projects very…