3 things every Job Shop should always keep on hand!

They say, “Life comes at you fast!” Be prepared with these 3 things every Job Shop should keep on hand:

  1. Epo Strong – epoxy repair kit (93/70080)
  2. Gloss Killer – powder matting agent (44/00006)
  3. OGF Additive​​​​​​​ – outgas forgiving additive (91/00030)

One day, you will be glad you did!

Epo Strong

  1. Epoxy Repair Kit is a 2-component conductive putty, used to repair damaged surfaces prior to powder coating. This is your quick fix to make voids and scratches disappear!
  • Temperature resistant up to 392 °F (200 °C)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • No volume loss during drying
  • Sand for a smooth surface
  • Topcoat with TIGER Drylac® powder coatings

Gloss Killer Additive

Gloss Killer Additive is a quick and easy solution to reduce gloss levels of any high or semi gloss powder coating.

Use Gloss Killer on stock products wherever its not practical to order a custom matte gloss finish. This product simply dry blends into an existing powder to achieve continuous matting from 30-60 gloss*






add 10-20% to the powder coating 



add 20-30% to the powder coating

Note: any mix in excess of 30% may result in reduced hiding power and color change.

Outgas Forgiving Additive

Out Gas Forgiving Additive is a quick & easy solution to help with Outgassing effects for castings.
This products acts allow air to escape prior to the gel process.

• Powder agent for post-mixing
• Reduces substrate-related out-gassing
• Good storage stability

The OGF additive should be dry blended to the powder coating in a ratio from 2 to 4% of the total weight of the powder coating. Any mix in excess of 4% may result in a waxy surface.

Typical applications:
• Hot dipped galvanized steel
• Railings
• Steel pipes and cylinders
• Galvanized constructions

Take advantage of these versatile and easy to use products to maximize your inventory turns on stock powder coatings, reduce waste and improve turnaround times on special requests.

Martin Bruckner
Senior Sales Manager
TIGER Drylac

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