Powder Coating Film Thickness - Quality Control for Optimum Results

To achieve fantastic looking powder coated parts, the powder coating application must be done according to the prescribed application guidelines. One of the essential parameters that needs be followed is the applied film thickness. It can be measured with proper equipment (film thickness gauge). To achieve an optimum effect and reduce voids exposing bare metal, a general recommendation is that powder coating is applied at a minimum film thickness of 2.5 – 3.0 mils. However, film thickness variables may also include chemistry and formulation of powder coating, the opacity of the color and the substrate type, just to mention few. Keep in mind that shortcuts in the powder coating process can lead to complications regarding film thickness. Always check powder coating Product Data Sheets to ensure the best practices for coating thickness and cure oven conditions.

There can be many issues if the film thickness is either too low/thin or too high/thick:

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