Abrasion, Mar, and Scratch Resistant Powder Coatings for Furniture Applications

In today’s world of immense communication, one channel that is often overlooked is non-verbal. What your furnishings say about your business.

Furniture’s appearance is a reflection of the business and it is imperative to project the correct message to customers, employees, and guests. It is one of the first things noticed and criticized in many settings: offices, hospitality event centers, restaurants, and more. A great example of this is chairs! Chairs go through punishment from shipment to everyday use. Abrasions, scratches, scuffs, and marring are factors that can devalue the investment but also become an eyesore in any setting. Discover the different types of damages that can be made in the paint film below:

Abrasion− The mechanical action of rubbing, scraping or erosion

Mar− Friction-induced damage in which the material surface is compressed, causing a marking that changes the appearance or gloss

Scratch− A type of friction-induced damage in which a sharp object cuts the surface

By developing highly abrasion-resistant powder coatings, TIGER has made it possible to achieve extraordinary improvements that provide lasting abrasion resistance with only a single coat. The unrivalled powder coating technology from TIGER delivers added value in terms of durable, abrasion resistant surfaces: e.g. less prone to drag-marks, reduced-dirt and handling-related abrasion, improved scrub resistance and so on! It is our goal to keep your product looking just as good as the very 1st day. If given the choice, wouldn't you choose to sit on the new unblemished and clean chair? TIGER Drylac powders formulated for the requirements of furniture will keep that classy new look just like the day it left the production line!

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