Work-From-Home Office Furniture

Powder Coating Solutions for Work-From-Home Office Furniture

As individuals shift to Work-From-Home (WFH) offices, manufacturers must adapt to new office trends. Typically, home office furniture was designed to be economical, lightweight and light duty. Now WFH offices are engaged full-time (40 hours per week, plus after-hours activity) in homes from coast-to-coast. Desks and chairs must now endure industrial use and the demand for larger desks to accommodate dual monitors and multiple interconnected devices. No matter what space is available, a professional WFH area is required to maximize productivity. Here are a few tips about what the market is looking for to make the most out of WFH office space: 

A durable, versatile desk and chair combination 

  • The desk and chair are the most important factors in a good WFH setup. Working at home can mean sitting for long periods, so outfitting home offices with an adjustable sitting-standing desk has become increasingly popular in the office furniture industry.
  • We recommend using TIGER abrasion resistance (AR) powder coatings for adjustable desk and chair options so that color, texture and physical properties last over the long-term. Abrasion-resistant (AR) surfaces are substantially less prone to drag-marks, reduce dirt and handling-related abrasion and improve scrub resistance!​​​​​​​

Add cabinets or shelves for storage

  • With the right powder-coated finish, your cabinets will look great and looking like new for years on end. TIGER Super Durable formulas provide unmatched appearance and protection. 

Keep it clean!

  • WFH surfaces are subjected to a much higher degree of chemical cleaners than in the past. Powder coatings perform with a high degree of chemical resistance to withstand repeated exposure to harsh cleaners and chemicals over time.
  • TIGER powder coatings will continue to look great even with increased frequency of abrasion from cleaning

Endless Color Selection 

  • TIGER has an endless amount of colors and textures to choose from to ensure your office furniture is on-trend and protected! 

In the end, more people are Working-From-Home and manufacturers must adjust to meet this market trend with quality products that offer long-lasting value.

Brad Hawes

National Sales Manager - USA


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