A New Dimension in Metallic Powder Coatings…3D!

Until now, one-coat powder coatings could not match the visual performance provided by liquid 3D effect paints. However, new powder coating technology features a breathtaking, wet paint-like 3D effect with stunning depth, spatial clarity and unsurpassed brightness – still visible at a considerable distance and from different perspectives.

Dry Blend Metallic Powder Coatings

Metallics have been a part of the powder coating industry and growing for the past 40 years. Metallic flakes are composed of various metal elements such as aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, micas and more. Early developments in metallic powder coating started with dry blending metallic flakes with powder coatings during the production. These early methods were all the rage and widely used in the architectural market. However, it wasn’t until metallic pigment suppliers developed specific material for these processes that advancement was made. They are notorious for having uneven distribution of metallic flakes on parts and causing rework.

Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings

Even with the advancements of the dry blending method, it is still no match for bonded metallics. Bonded metallics revolutionized metallic effects in the powder coating industry. The key difference with these metallics is the bonding of the metallic flake to the powder. With the metallic flakes being bonded to the power, there will be a more homogeneous metallic finish throughout the object due to an equal distribution of flakes. Also, more metallic flake can be added to enhance the metallic effect and keep batch-to-batch consistency, unlike dry blended powders. Bonded powders are preferred by most powder coaters because they can be applied easily and reduce rework.

3D Metallic Powder Coatings

The most evolutionary metallic powder coatings is TIGER Drylac 3D Metallic sufrace finish solutions! This technology gives a liquid paint-like effect viewable at all angles to add depth and dimension like never seen before. All this depth is captured in a single coat and does not require a topcoat. Rework is considerably reduced compared to other technologies because they are easy to spray and offer the best first pass transfer efficiency with minimal equipment influence. This also means re-coat ability is even further enhanced compared to bonded metallics. TIGER Drylac has designed the 3D metallics to be of super-durable quality and is highly sought after in all industries due to their unique designs and effect. So, if one wants to be a part of the latest metallic development contact TIGER today and let us paint the cosmos together.

3D Metallics allow individuals to draw on the “green” technology of powder coating and move away from solvent-based wet paints. It is better for the environment and it represents an improved health & safety option. 3D Metallic Powder Coatings are available exclusively from TIGER Drylac® - to learn more contact us today!

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