Mechanical and Chemical Pretreatment Process for Powder Coatings

Before powder coating application, a substrate needs to be properly pretreated. Cutting corners in pretreatment can lead to downstream production disasters such as peeling, corrosion and scrap. A fully cleaned part is one that is ready to accept a paint finish. Any foreign substance found between the powder coating and the substrate can interfere with adhesion. The two main pretreatment processes are:

  1. Mechanical pretreatment is the use of abrasive media to clean the surface.
  2. Chemical pretreatment is the use of chemicals to clean the surface.

Mechanical pretreatment is the use of abrasive media, which indicates rubbing and grinding, to polish or clean a surface.

Mechanical Pretreatment Process:

Second is the use of chemicals to clean the surface, which promotes adhesion of the powder coating to adhere on slick or difficult metals. 

Chemical Pretreatment Process:

Lab chemists can design a powder coating with bright colors, fancy sparkles and outstanding corrosion protection. However, that powder will not stick to the part without a robust pretreatment process. Your final paint finish depends on upstream mechanical and chemical pretreatment. So please take time to remove contamination from your parts before you apply a powder coating. Remember: a clean part is a happy part!

Article by Verney Dennerville, Application Field Specialist - North America & Dan Bloden, PMT Automotive and ACE - North America

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