Powder Coatings for Exterior ACE Applications

What features make a powder coating suitable for exterior applications? Is your current coating meeting these requirements and expectations? How can TIGER Drylac help you exceed your surface finishing goals? 

Powder coatings for exterior applications are also suitable for interior applications as a highly protective coating system. A true super durable system is made up of super durable resins and pigments. These coatings have excellent UV resistance in the field. UV stability (light fastness) depends on which type of resin has been used in the formulation. Super Durable Poly. (TGIC and TGIC Free) and Hyper Durable (Fluoropolymer) powder coatings are the most suitable for exterior use. With proper chemical and mechanical pretreatment, exterior powder coatings will not fade or chalk for years, depending on where the coated objects are installed. The deterioration process will be faster in Florida (South) and shorter in Maine (North).

  • Exposure to natural weathering in Florida, based on ISO 2810: Testing of the panels takes place in Miami, in a south-facing location. The warm and humid climate of South Florida is ideal for real-time weathering tests. The duration of weathering will depend upon the system to be tested: 1 year for standard polyesters, 3-5 years for Super Durable, and 10 years for Fluoropolymers.
  • ISO 12944 guidelines for C5-M marine environments recommend the application of zinc-rich primer, epoxy intermediate, or polyurethane to ensure durability for at least 15 years.
  • Accelerated weathering based on EN ISO 11341: An accelerated weathering test simulates, over a short period of time, the influence of moisture, temperature, and the destructive components of sunlight that a coating has to endure for outdoor application.
  • UV-B 313nm based on DIN 53384: A UV-B test simulates, over a short period of time, the influence of UV radiation on the surface finish. This is an even faster test method for determining the weathering stability.

It is important to define the characteristics that make powder coatings intended for exterior use. It ensures customers select the correct coatings for specific applications. With TIGER Drylac as a partner, one can be reassured that our powder coatings are compliant with internationally recognized testing methods and quality standards. Material licenses based on ISO, AAMA, GSB, and QUALICOAT standards are provided on the Product Data Sheet (PDS). TIGER also has dedicated Application Feild Specialists AFS) and customer experience teams to support customers in their search for the ideal powder coating!

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