Benefits of Anodized Powder Coatings

When faced with the question to used anodized substrates or an anodized effect powder coating -what would you choose? There are advantages in both, but this article highlights the benefits of the anodized powder coating effect. When considering why to convert to the powder coating anodized effect one should understand the anodizing process and its limitations.

The anodizing process is an electrochemical process that converts a metal surface into a decorative, anodic oxide finish. The anodic oxide structure is made up of a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum which slightly increases the thickness of the metal. Although finished anodized metals are non-harmful to the environment, the chemicals used to achieve some of these finishes are. A common practice to anodize metals is using sulfuric acid baths which produce hazardous wastewater and harmful fumes for people and the environment. Byproducts of sulfuric acids baths require hazardous waste disposal.

Choosing a powder coating technology with an anodized effect is 100% environmentally friendly and organic. There are no VOCs within powder and do not produce harmful pollutants. Unlike anodized metal limits in the color spectrum, one has a multitude of color options they can choose from with powder coatings. As in most finished goods, customers are wanting a clean finished look without the sight of milling imperfections (weld joints and grind marks). Using a powder coating will cover these blemishes giving a more uniform look to the finished good.

Possibly the largest benefit of powder coating is that it has always been more cost-effective than anodizing. There is no cost of hazardous waste disposal and in today’s market with metal prices on the rise, it would be a viable option to help reduce overall cost. Powder coatings can also be reclaimed for further use expanding their value further.

To help meet the demands of the global market TIGER Drylac has formulated the 6 most desired anodized effect colors in its super durable formulation which is AAMA 2604 compliant. These colors are also a part of its stocked portfolio across its global network.

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