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Under the hood of your vehicle, it can get pretty rough!

When considering the operating conditions your vehicle’s engine is exposed to, it is a wonder we can add any pops of color at all! Brake cables, engine blocks, steel springs, tie rods, oil filters and other under the hood components are expected to withstand an extremely corrosive environment, caused by exposure to harsh chemicals like sulphuric acid, which is formed when the sulphur in fuels and oils combines with water. Oil, grease, dirt, carbon, rust and lime deposits are all contaminants that can harm surfaces. Another factor that needs to be considered is extreme temperatures. Normal operating temperatures for a gasoline car engine is between 195° and 220° Fahrenheit.  

That is where TIGER Drylac’s line of Functional coatings can help. The formulas are modified to match precise application requirements - demonstrating how a close development partnership between TIGER and OEM manufacturers delivers optimum solutions for customers. This product line was developed for extreme resistance to chemicals and corrosion and is used in place of liquid paint by a number of OEMs. 

Three of the reasons to use powder coatings rather than liquid paint:


Powder coatings are durable and offer better resistance to corrosion, scratches, abrasion, and damage than liquid paint. They also have excellent color and gloss retention, and do not run or drip.


Unlike liquid paints, powder coating is solvent-free and emits zero or near-zero VOCs. Because overspray can be collected and recycled, when using the proper equipment can be an almost zero-waste system.


Single coat applications, thin or thick film applications, a fast cure time, and lower material and operational costs are all benefits to powder coating.

Series 220 Polyester TGIC and Series 223 Polyester TGIC-Free products are designed to protect engine parts and look great doing it! For a closer look at the full range of colors available or for a custom formulation to meet your exact specifications, contact your TIGER Technical Sales Representative.

Dan Bloden
Automotive Manager
TIGER Drylac

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