Powder Coatings for Kiosk Applications

There is a wide variety of kiosks in the market today and their uses keep expanding. The increasing need for freestanding hand sanitizing and temperature checking stations, together with the traditional kiosks at retail stores, food chains, banks (ATMs) and airports showcases the high demand for self-service equipment. The coating needs of kiosks will vary depending on variables such as interior or exterior location, the life expectancy of the equipment and its surrounding environment. Whether kiosk applications require advanced abrasion, graffiti resistance or corrosion protection...TIGER powder coatings have it all! 

• Super Durables Series - 38/138/58/68: Super Durable Polyesters, have longer life expectancy through enhanced UV & corrosion resistance.

 SealKor Series - 223/418: Polyesters, suitable for interior and exterior applications, offering the best possible corrosion protection a single coat application can provide.

• TIGER Shield: Two-coat system for heavy-duty corrosion protection, offers the best corrosion resistance using a combination of primers & topcoats to suit all general industry objects.

• Abrasion Resistance Products (AR): Added value in terms of durable, abrasion-resistant surfaces. Abrasion-resistant coatings are less prone to coating surface loss due to handling-related abrasion. Most TIGER products are available in an abrasion-resistant formulation upon request.

 Mar/Scratch Resistant: These products protect against blemishes, deformation, disfigurement or scarring of surfaces. Most TIGER products are available in a Mar/Scratch-Resistant formulation upon request.

• Anti-Graffiti - Series 44: Anti-Graffiti products are a permanent protection system designed to withstand numerous clean-ups. Its appearance will be virtually unaltered, even after the use of a chemical cleaner. Available in a variety of colors & clears. 

In addition, TIGER also has, state of the art laboratories that can custom formulate finishes to meet any desired color or resistance requirements. By developing highly abrasion-resistant powder coatings, TIGER has made it possible to achieve extraordinary improvements that provide lasting abrasion resistance with only a single coat. The unrivaled powder coating technology from TIGER delivers added value in terms of durable, abrasion-resistant surfaces: e.g. less prone to drag-marks, reduced-dirt and handling-related abrasion, improved scrub resistance and so on! It is our goal to ensure we formulate powder coatings for all Kiosk applications!

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