A New Breed of Cat!
Architectural TGIC-Free Super Durable Powder Coatings Re-imagined

The search for environmentally friendly paints and coatings began with our collective concerns for a cleaner and safer environment.

High performance coatings are an essential component to architectural design, improving the functionality of the finished product while capturing our imaginations with pleasing esthetics. With the advent of electrostatics late in the twentieth century, powder coatings became a powerful high-performance technology.

TIGER Drylac began offering powder coatings in 1968 as the first European company to do so. The technology really took flight in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the introduction of the industry workhorse, polyester powder coatings. These outdoor coatings help to protect the substrate with a visually pleasing finish, while being remarkably easy to apply. If you have ever tried to remove cured polyester powder coatings from a metal surface, you understand the advantages of it as a protective, functional coating. This is NOT an enviable task!

Today we face a similar landscape of necessary innovation. No industry is facing this reality more than the architectural community. A wide range of performance requirements have been placed upon the suppliers to designers and their engineering teams - from performance specifications to ever demanding environmental requirements.

Powder coating manufacturers are changing as well. The time is upon our industry to improve chemistries to be easier to use while reducing environmental impact. After all, sustainability is at the very core of our business.

As previously mentioned, powder coatings are an innovative solution to coatings application, and TIGER Drylac is pleased to introduce our newest innovation, Series 138 – a TGIC-Free Super Durable Polyester!  While the easiest transition to TGIC-free chemistries would have been to utilize an existing formulation as our standard product line, we took extra time to consider this transition as a significant opportunity. Our investments have paid off as we have created the polyester powder coating that our customers and clients have been asking for.

Series 138 is designed for architectural and industrial applications. Compliant with AAMA 2604, the product features a proprietary chemistry designed for efficient application on both automated and manual process lines. Our flexible cure resin technology provides a wide range of the required time and temperature for curing, while improved surface smoothness and first pass transfer efficiencies reduce surface imperfections.

This new super durable polyester powder coating is the perfect architectural coating. Long lasting, easy to apply, and forgiving while fulfilling the stringent architectural design requirements of AAMA 2604. Most importantly, you will find this new coating will improve your productivity to create additional value.

You might say it is a new breed of cat!

Article by John Fett, Architectural Products Manager – North America



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