3D Metallics

3D Metallics – A Breakthrough in Powder Coating Technology

TIGER Drylac takes pride in pursuing breakthrough powder coating technology. In fact, the pursuit of “the cutting edge” has been a part of our company DNA since we produced our first powder coatings in Europe more than 50 years ago!

3D Metallic (3DM) powder coatings are no less revolutionary than those first powders. This proprietary technology provides brilliant sparking metallic effects – in a weather resistant, super durable TGIC-Free powder coating.

These products are architectural quality, featuring super durable performance (as defined by AAMA 2604 / QUALICOAT class 2). These criteria are your assurance of architectural grade, super durable performance.

The 3DM Advantage:

Careful selection of premium raw materials, combined with innovative production methods enable 3DM powder coatings to offer considerable advantages above traditional bonded metallic powder coatings:

  • High brilliance and bright effects
  • Super Durable
  • TGIC-Free
  • One coat application (clear topcoat is not required)
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Smooth application (little to no rework required)

What does this mean for you and your team? 3DM powder coatings are easy to apply and offer a consistent eye-popping metallic effect regardless of applicator, powder machine technology, environmental conditions, or applied thickness (assuming minimum required thickness has been applied).

3DM powder coatings are premium metallic effect finishes that can help grow your business by offering incredible 3DM aesthetics in a one-coat application (clear topcoat is not required to bring out the sparkling effects) to increase efficiency and reduce waste or rework. You’ve never seen anything like these coatings. They are out of this World!

To order a free 3DM sample, go to www.tiger-coatings.com or call 1 (800) 243-8148

Article by John Fett

Manager, Architectural Products

TIGER Drylac North America

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