SEFA Certification for Powder Coated Furniture

TIGER Drylac now offers SEFA 8 - Metal Casework (Scientific Equipment Furniture Association) certified powder coatings! High performance coatings are an essential component to furniture design which is why at TIGER we are always striving to improve the functionality of the finished product. 

SEFA's essential purpose is to promote the use of "laboratory grade" furniture equipment and fixtures. TIGER is a manufacturer of powder coatings used for scientific furniture applications including:

  • Laboratory furniture
  • Exhaust hoods 
  • Laboratory work surfaces
  • Fixtures
  • Laboratory equipment

TIGER has conformed to the SEFA-approved test requirements and earned SEFA 8 - Metal Casework certification for a special formulation of TIGER Epoxy products. SEFA testing requires exposure to 49 reagents and is an industry standard used to insure the durability, safety and structural integrity of lab casework. 

SEFA products have been tested to withstand the harshest chemicals a laboratory environment will encounter. Manufacturers of laboratory furniture and equipment can trust TIGER Drylac to supply the highest quality of SEFA 8 - Metal Casework certified custom color matched powder coatings!

Article by Brad Hawes, National Sales Manager – US & Daniel Reyna, Formulator - US

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