SealKor One-Coat Powder Coatings

At TIGER, we develop ACE (Agriculture, and Construction Equipment) powder coatings for superior performance. SealKor is a durable, exterior grade powder coating technology with modified resin structure designed to improve corrosion protection and act as a moisture barrier. SealKor products are an attractive option, as they feature:

  • weather resistance according to AAMA 2603
  • very good corrosion protection (2,500 hours salt spray resistance)
  • good mechanical properties and good flow

The versatile SealKor product can be used as a one-coat product for improved corrosion protection, or as a primer in a two-coat system.

In addition to product performance, SealKor products also deliver critical benefits to your powder coating operations, including:

  • Reduction of additional coating steps (primer, topcoat)
  • Reduction of subsequent sanding for additional coats
  • Reduction of labor, energy and disposal costs

SealKor delivers excellent first-pass transfer efficiency and superior batch-to-batch color consistency.

SealKor product line is available in:

• Polyester TGIC-Free (Series 59)

• Polyester TGIC (Series 418)

• Polyester TGIC (Series 223)

To find out more about SealKor powder coatings for ACE, contact your TIGER technical representative today!

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