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The ever-changing market has prompted a shift for powder coatings to become more environmental friendly and sustainable. That is why we, at TIGER, want to introduce you to our new commercial alternative to TGIC polyester powder coatings. As we face the necessary steps towards innovation, our new line of TGIC-Free Polyester Powder Coatings uses beta hydroxyalkylamide (HAA), an alternative cross linker fully replacing TGIC historically used in typical polyester formulations so far.

TIGER Drylac is pleased to introduce our newest Series 149 – a TGIC-Free Standard Polyester! This new Product Series is designed for both interior and exterior applications with many attributes useful for typical Powder Coating operations.

Compliant with AAMA 2603, the product features a proprietary chemistry designed for efficient application on both automated and manual process lines. TGIC-Free powder coatings provide cost-saving benefits to finishers through superior charging characteristics resulting in increased first-pass transfer efficiencies. This means more powder transferring to the part and less going into the recovery system or waste. Other advantages of TGIC-Free Polyester compared to TGIC formulations include:

  • TIGER Drylac Series 149 proprietary formulation features a Flexible Curing time as low as 5 min @ 392°F (instead of 10 min @ 392° F)
  • Improved Faraday cage penetration to help charged powder particles reach internal corners and recesses
  • Smoother surface (for the smooth glossy finishes) when compared with typical TGIC polyester smooth glossy
  • Consistent batch-to-batch finish for even film across the part and less work required to coat intricate parts.

This new standard polyester powder coating is perfect for a variety of applications as it is long lasting, easy to apply, and has good flow properties. Most importantly, you will find this new coating silently improving your productivity to create additional value for any project you might be tackling!

Article by Martin Bruckner, Senior Sales Manager – North America

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