TIGER ArchiPrint

TIGER ArchiPrint is a combination of powder coating technology (TIGER Drylac® Series 168) with digital printing technology utilizing UV-LED outdoor inks (TIGITAL® Series 134/1.1)! Ideal for architectural applications as the layered process offers unmatched durability, UV and color resistance. Protect your investment today and discover the benefits of TIGER Archi Prints perfectly matched system components.

1. Competent project consulting
From the initial idea to the finished object:  TIGER supports your project from the very beginning. Our competent team will be happy to advise you on the design and color selection and supports you in the technical implementation.

2. Unlimited scopes for design
No limits for your creativity: TIGER ArchiPrint allows any image to be printed to your object. On request, we gladly recommend a design agency with the design of your artwork.

3. Powder coating with TIGER Drylac®
Function, aesthetics and value retention over many years: For the coating of your facade Super Durable TIGER powder coating is used. Numerous colors and effects as well as a limited warranty are available. 

4. Customization with digital printing
Your desired motive on aluminum or other substrates: State-of-the-art digital printing with UV and color stable TIGITAL® Inks sets powerful accents and underlines the aesthetics of your object.

5. Versatile, creative, ecofriendly
TIGER ArchiPrint combines the advantages of the green powder coating technology with innovative digital printing solutions. The result: easy-care, super durable facades with character and format.

See for yourself! We’ll gladly send you one or more samples free of charge. The samples shown are intended to give a first impression of the design possibilities. In general, any design can be applied to your object.

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