TIGER Drylac® Automotive Functional Line

TIGER Drylac® automotive powder coatings are the result of consistent and intensive development in optimized surface finishes for automotive parts and components. We have designed high-quality powder coatings to satisfy form and function.  

We offer customized powder coating solutions for automotive Functional Line applications. This line can handle the toughest chemicals and corrosion – both in the laboratory and in the field. Typical applications include brake cables, engine accessories, steel springs and other under the hood components.

Series 230 and 233 are premium class powder coatings with weather resistance, chemical resistance and unsurpassed corrosion resistance when part of a 2 coat system. Our functional line performs well in C4-M environments (or above). C4 describes the type of a corrosive environment the coating will be exposed to described in ISO 12944. If you need a super durable polyester system with excellent chemical and corrosion protection, TIGER Series 230 and 233 are your answer!  

But what if your application will not be exposed to direct sunlight? Our Series 210 and 211 epoxies can fight corrosion and combat aggressive cleaning agents.  

To learn more about the best product for your functional line applications – contact us today!

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