TGIC Free Powder Coating

Continuous Improvement in TIGER Formulations

A better formulation

Powder coaters have heard a lot of news concerning TGIC over the years. Several years ago, TGIC was placed on the state of California’s Proposition 65 watch list, but no regulations regarding its use exist in California or any other state (yet). This technology has been dominant in Europe and other regions of the world due to concerns about potential health issues associated with TGIC. As a pro-active measure, TIGER Drylac® continues to roll out new TGIC-Free products including Series 138 and Series 149.

What is TGIC-Free?

TGIC-Free Polyester powder coatings, use HAA (β-hydroxyalkyl-amide) as a cross-linker in place of TGIC.

TIGER Drylac proprietary HAA Polyester formulations

  • HAA cross-linker replaces TGIC cross-linker
  • Improved transfer efficiencies (material cost savings for powder coaters)
  • Lower Curing window, down to 5 min / 200° C, 392° F
  • Improved penetration into faraday cage areas
  • Consistent finishes from batch-to-batch
  • Smoother surfaces

Color, finish and main product features remain the same from previous TIGER Polyester TGIC Series 038 & 049, which will be discontinued at depletion of inventory once the TGIC-Free replacement has been launched.

TIGER Series 138:

  • Super Durable Polyester formulation
  • AAMA 2604 Compliant
  • Replaces Series 038

TIGER Series 149:

  • Standard Polyester formulation
  • AAMA 2603 Compliant
  • Replaces Series 049

TGIC-Free Powder Application Tips:

  • Do Not Mix TGIC and TGIC-Free powder
  • Thoroughly clean your powder coating system when changing over, similar to how you would do a color change
  • Pay close attention to the new Cure window and do not overbake
  • Adjust gun settings for the fast-charging TGIC-Free formulation and be careful not to apply powder too thick

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