TIGER Drylac® Automotive Frame Line

TIGER has a wide variety of powder coatings specifically designed for frame applications in the automotive industry. The UV resistance of the polyester-based powder coatings in the Frame Line are used predominately for coating interior components such as door frames and seat frames due to their highly efficient application and decorative qualities. Our team will work with you to ensure color tone and precise properties are matched to the required specifications. What are the benefits of TIGER Drylac® powder compared to liquid paints?

  • Higher film thickness for better part protection
  • Excellent edge coverage for consistent quality
  • Better corrosion protection for a longer lasting product
  • No VOC emissions for a safer manufacturing environment
  • Superior transfer efficiency for material cost savings
  • Fewer rejects for material and labor cost savings
  • Reduced total applied cost on your finishing line!

The TIGER Drylac® Frame Line is available in multiple gloss ranges, textures and unique special effects. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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