Anti-Skid Powder Coatings

TIGER Drylac Anti-Skid coatings are formulated to have highly textured surfaces that provide a slip-resistant coating to increase the coefficient of friction (COF). The COF is a term used to describe the ratio of the force of the friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together. A rougher surface, such as an anti-skid, would have a higher COF than a smooth slippery surface. 

The lack of traction or lower COF on metal surfaces is a common issue that can lead to accidents across multiple industries including medical and industrial. The application of an anti-skid coating will allow for a safer environment as it provides high traction that prevents slips and falls from occurring. Another property for a highly textured coating is the ability to cover up imperfections on substrates and provide the same quality anti-skid properties for a better grip.

TIGER Drylac Anti-Skid Black (49/80521) is a highly textured coating that is safe for wet and dry conditions. Some of the most popular anti-skid applications include:  

  • Floor Plates
  • Grating
  • Ladders
  • Ladder rungs and covers
  • Stair treads and covers
  • Running boards
  • Handrails
  • Boat decks

No matter the application – TIGER Drylac Anti-Skid Black will help you adhere to industry standards! 

Article by Ashley Hanson, PMT Automotive and ACE Lab – North America

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