Best Primer to Use for Powder Coating Aluminum Substrates

Any metal substrates that can hold an electromagnetic charge and endure the high temperatures of the curing process can be powder coated including Aluminum, Steel (galvanized and anodized without the final seal), bronze, copper, brass and titanium. However, for architectural applications, we will focus on the most common substrate - Aluminum.

The architectural industry requires an easily sourced, long-lasting and inexpensive building material. Aluminum alloy is the solution! It is highly regarded for being lightweight and consisting of a high weight to strength ratio, which makes it ideal for larger-scale projects. 

Aluminum alloys is made up of other metals to improve the variety of performance requirements and to ensure the material is easy to work with (Formability).

  • Aluminum alloys are both flexible (not brittle) yet strong making them an ideal building material
  • Aluminum alloys are formable into a variety of engineered shapes
  • Aluminum billets are forced through press molds to create complex geometric shapes
  • Aluminum will corrode much more slowly in comparison to ferrous (iron-containing) metals

The finish is designed to be extremely durable, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly.  So, one can mold aluminum however necessary to meet aesthetic and structural needs with confidence!

Now that the substrate is established, a common and important question is what the correct primer to use is for aluminum projects? Paring the proprieties of aluminum with the correct primer will enhance the life span and durability of the project. The primer will also shield the substrate from the elements. For these jobs, an epoxy zinc-free power primer such as TIGER Dryprotector 69/70000 would be best suited for aluminum substrates. Designed to deliver superior corrosion protection for aluminum substrates and offers:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical properties 
  • Edge coverage

In the end, the process of applying primer prior to powder coating protects the alumnium substrate and offers modern appeal to architectural design. For the best outcome - please refer to the technical datasheet for application guidelines!

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