TGIC-Free Super Durable Powder Coatings for ACE Applications

TIGER Drylac is pleased to introduce our newest innovation - Series 138, a TGIC-free Super Durable Polyester! While the easiest transition to TGIC-free chemistries would have been to utilize an existing formulation as our standard product line, we took the extra time to consider this transition as a significant opportunity. Our investments have paid off as we have created the polyester powder coating that our customers have been asking for.

Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) applications face harsh environmental conditions, such as elevated temperature and humidity which relentlessly attacks exterior paint. That is why your powder coating demands form and function. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing yet strong enough to preserve your equipment in the field. Our team of industry experts designed Series 138 for heavy-duty ACE applications offering: 

  • Outstanding edge coverage for laser cut pieces
  • Superb color and gloss retention
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Superior first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Low-temperature cure technology to save energy
  • Smooth, consistent finish

Compliant with AAMA 2604, Series 138 features proprietary chemistry for efficient application on automated and manual process lines. Our flexible cure resin provides a wide cure window which improves surface smoothness and first-pass transfer efficiencies.

This new super durable polyester powder coating performs well in salt spray, humidity, and Xenon chambers. It is easy to spray and fulfills AAMA 2604 requirements. Most importantly, you will find this new coating will improve your productivity to create additional value!

Article by Dan Bloden, Regional Account Manager ACE

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