Stock Products for Medical Furniture

Select the Best Option for your Medical/Healthcare Furniture Specification

Look at stock products first!

When choosing a powder coating product for your specification, it is always a good idea to look at stock products first. Why?

• Quality
• Service
• Price
Some pretty important factors!


Stock products are the bread-and-butter of TIGER's product lines. Each product series has been formulated and manufactured according to a strict process to standardize ingredients, maximize quality, and maintain batch-to-batch consistency.


Stock products are your best choices for high moving or trending colors, textures, and finishes. The shipping lead times on these items are short (often within 24 hours), especially if the product is in the local warehouse to service your area. Also, custom orders require minimum order quantities, which may not meet with the amount required for your job. Orders from stock can be a low as 5lbs.


The costs on stock products tend to be lower. Longer production runs gain cost advantages associated with economies of scale. Large quantity batches create efficiencies in material and labor costs, as fewer change overs in production maximize effiency.

TIGER Drylac has products in stock at 11 different warehouse locations across North America. Browse our Webshop ​​​​​​​to choose from a huge variety of products, colors, finishes, and effects.

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