TIGER Drylac Aluminum Wheel Rim Portfolio

TIGER Drylac has always held a strong presence in the automotive market for being a reliable and innovative business partner. TIGER works directly with many internationally recognized OEM’s in the aluminum wheel market. For optimum aesthetics and superior performance, we recommend a three-layered system.   

  1. After pretreatment, it starts with choosing the correct primer such as TIGER Drylac Wheel Grey 200/70022 or Wheel Black 200/80012. These primers are epoxy/polyester hybrids that have been tested and approved against automotive specifications. They have good Faraday penetration, deliver a smooth surface, promote inter-coat adhesion and have excellent outgassing properties. These products are currently stocked and available in our TIGER warehouses.
  2. The second layer is a liquid basecoat. This layer is important to develop the color on the rim. TIGER has collaborated with a leading liquid basecoat supplier to launch our TIGER Wetlac series. Here are a few matches that we have done so far:
    • Smoke Bronze

    • Satin Carbon 

    • Fine Silver

    • Ebony Black

    • Sparkle Silver

  3. The third and final layer is critical for weathering (color and gloss retention) and UV resistance. We recommend our highly durable TIGER acrylic clear coat 250/00108A1 powder. This material has been approved against many automotive OEM specifications.

If you are on the hunt for a durable coating that is aesthetics pleasing with superior performance, look no further TIGER has got you covered!   

Please feel free to email customerservice.ca(at)tiger-coatings.com​​​​​​​ and we will get you in touch with one of our TIGER automotive experts!

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