TIGER 2nd Generation Bonded Metallics?

What are TIGER 2nd Generation Bonded Metallics?

TIGER Drylac Metallics are made with our 2nd Generation Bonding technology, which is exclusive to TIGER Drylac® Metallics. This State-of-the-art system bonding of metallic pigments to the base material offers unique advantages over conventional dry blending. This process features:

  • An even distribution of pigments for a more uniform metallic finish
  • Unparalleled Batch-to-batch consistency
    • Low effect variation at different applications
  • Resistance to particle segregation during transportation and storage
    • Low reject rates & fewer application issues
  • Easy to spray powder
    • Less separation of Powder and Pigment during application (fewer charging issues)
    • Higher Transfer Efficiency
  • A recycling consistent material, making the powder suitable for reclaim


TIGER 2ND Generation Bonded Metallics vs Standard Bonding and Dry Blend Metallics


TIGER 2ND Generation Bonded Metallics vs Liquid Metallic Paint

TIGER Metallic Powder Coatings

  • The metallic is bonded to the surface of the powder particle
  • This process helps to place some metallic particles parallel to the substrate but there are also particles not parallel or even perpendicular to the substrate
  • This creates a distinct difference in appearance from liquid that is difficult to recreate in ordinary powder coatings

Liquid Metallics

  • For the most part, the binders in liquid systems are lower molecular weight; smaller molecules and lower viscosities 
  • The liquid system’s low viscosity and the solvent evaporation process will orient the metallic; push it to the surface parallel to the substrate (it lies flat)
  • If metallic’s are not involved, liquid coating are easy to make smooth but hard to build film and create certain textures

By Martin Bruckner

Senior Sales Manager – Job Shop

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