January, 05 2021

The Power of the 7-S Methodology

Kickstart the new year with the 7-S organizational methodology, originating from the Japanese auto industry. Learn how this approach can boost productivity, eliminate waste, and improve your metal finishing operations.

December, 10 2020

Powder Coatings for Kiosk Applications

Discover how TIGER Drylac® powder coatings meet the diverse coating needs of kiosks, whether for abrasion resistance, anti-graffiti protection, or corrosion resistance.

December, 09 2020

TIGER Drylac Aluminum Wheel Rim Portfolio

Explore our powder coated wheels and rim portfolio. TIGER provides a three-layered coating system for automotive aluminum wheels, featuring epoxy/polyester hybrid primers, liquid basecoats, and durable acrylic clear coats for optimal aesthetics and…

November, 26 2020

How to Get Started with Powder Coating

Find the best method to start your powder coating operations. Proper tools and assistance make starting a hobby or business in powder coating achievable. Click the link to learn more.

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November, 24 2020

Best Primer to Use for Powder Coating Aluminum Substrates

The right primer, like TIGER Dryprotector 69/70000, enhances durability and corrosion protection, making it an ideal choice for aluminum substrates in architectural projects.

November, 03 2020

Powder Coatings for Exterior ACE Applications

Elevate your ACE exterior applications with TIGERs durable powder coatings - superior UV resistance and international quality standards.

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