January, 24 2023

Graffiti & Removing Graffiti

Graffiti is common, and the cost to clean or reconstruct vandalized surfaces is high. The best anti-graffiti solution is preventative technologies like TIGER Drylac Series 44 anti-graffiti powder coating. Learn everything you need to know about this…

October, 20 2022

CARC Powder Coatings

Recently (February 2022) the United States Army released its first ever climate strategy, signaling a monumental shift in environmental culture at The Pentagon. While budgets have yet to be agreed upon, the established goals are aggressive – plans…

October, 06 2022

TGIC Free Powder Coating

Powder coaters have heard a lot of news concerning TGIC over the years. This technology has been dominant in Europe and other regions of the world due to concerns about potential health issues associated with TGIC. As a pro-active measure, TIGER…

September, 22 2022

Powder Coating for Warehouse & Racking

Enhance Warehouse & Racking with TIGERs abrasion-resistant powder coatings. Learn how this technique addresses surface imperfections, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.

September, 15 2022

The Importance of Global Alignment in the Automotive Industry

We know that the automotive market requires accuracy and precision on a global level. TIGER Drylac has production facilities and R&D centers in North America, Europe and China. This allows us to internationally transfer products and projects very…

September, 08 2022

TIGER Glitters

Glitters are transparent/clear topcoat products with 'glitter' flakes imbedded right into the topcoat. These can be applied over any color basecoat to provide a huge range of sparkling metallic effects.

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