June, 28 2022

Textured Powder Coatings

Explore the versatility of TIGERs textured powder coatings. Beyond smooth finishes, textured options like fine textures, wrinkles, hammpertones, and antique veins offer unique appearances and tactile sensations.

June, 02 2022

3 things every Job Shop should always keep on hand!

They say, “Life comes at you fast!” Be prepared with these 3 things every Job Shop should keep on hand:1. Epo Strong – epoxy repair kit (93/70080)2. Gloss Killer – powder matting agent (44/00006)3. OGF Additive – outgas forgiving additive…

June, 02 2022

Functional Automotive Parts

When considering the operating conditions your vehicle’s engine is exposed to, it is a wonder we can add any pops of color at all! That is where TIGER Drylac’s line of Functional coatings can help. The formulas are modified to match precise…

May, 12 2022


Thermosets are polymers which are produced by curing reactive resins.Thermoset polymers can withstand higher temperatures without losing their structural integrity and exhibit excellent mechanical and chemical properties due to the high…

April, 19 2022

Putting TIGER Drylac Powder to the Test

TIGER offers surface finishing solutions for Agriculture, Construction, and Earth Moving Equipment (ACE), mining equipment, forestry equipment, heavy trucks, trailers, lawn mowers, snowplows, forklifts and more. Our powder coating range is globally…

April, 07 2022

Tips & Tricks - Powder Coating for Automotive Trim Applications

Applying powder coatings to automotive trim pieces (especially roof racks and running boards) can be a difficult task at times. Therefore, we wanted to outline some tips and tricks that powder coaters may find helpful during the application process.

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