Hybrid or epoxy-based powder coatings are designed for adhesion, chemical and corrosion resistance, but are not recommended for exterior, open-air environments. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause them to fade, chalk or degrade on the surface… more

There are additional advantages to textured finishes, primarily the ability to mask surface imperfections on the substrate. A good example where this may be required is where machining and grinding marks are left behind during metal forming. The… more

They say, “Life comes at you fast!” Be prepared with these 3 things every Job Shop should keep on hand:1. Epo Strong – epoxy repair kit (93/70080)2. Gloss Killer – powder matting agent (44/00006)3. OGF Additive – outgas forgiving additive… more

When considering the operating conditions your vehicle’s engine is exposed to, it is a wonder we can add any pops of color at all! That is where TIGER Drylac’s line of Functional coatings can help. The formulas are modified to match precise… more

Thermosets are polymers which are produced by curing reactive resins.Thermoset polymers can withstand higher temperatures without losing their structural integrity and exhibit excellent mechanical and chemical properties due to the high… more

Where there is metal, there is potential for rust! If such damage is not detected in time, it can lead to material failure. In industrialized countries, the annual loss due to corrosion can amount to about three to four percent of the gross domestic… more

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