TIGER Drylac Dormant Transparent powder coatings are a great solution for rich, deep colors. This 2-coat system combined with a Clear topcoat “wakes up” the Dormant powder to produce amazing sparkling effects. more

Manufacturers who provide products and services to the architectural design community work hard to have their voices stand out from a sea of competing voices; hoping to have their products selected for the project’s specifications. Believe me when I… more

As individuals shift to Work-From-Home (WFH) offices, manufacturers must adapt to new office trends. Typically, home office furniture was designed to be economical, lightweight and light duty. Now WFH offices are engaged full-time (40 hours per week,… more

At TIGER, we develop ACE (Agriculture, and Construction Equipment) powder coatings for superior performance. SealKor is a durable, exterior grade powder coating technology with modified resin structure designed to improve corrosion protection and act… more

The RAL color system standardized color definitions in a chart format. The RAL Color System established a common color language that helped end the confusion when matching or mixing colors. more

TIGER Drylac Metallics are made with our 2nd Generation Bonding technology, which is exclusive to TIGER Drylac® Metallics. This State-of-the-art system bonding of metallic pigments to the base material offers unique advantages over conventional dry… more

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